4 Coolest Passover Videos for Your Seder

Sesame Street, Macklemore, animation, leopard-print coats… Everything is better with a Passover theme.

To fill the gaps between the Four Questions and the Ten Plagues, here are some Passover videos that’ll have your whole family talking - or not.

1. Passover Story: The Animated Kids Version

Move over, Rugrats! The Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation and Haggadot.com present the story of Passover, as seen by kids.

“Once upon a time there was a mean man named Pharaoh. He was short and he was skinny. I don’t know what kind of hat he wears, he just wears a hat.” Short and to the point. Whoever leads your Seder should take note.

2. Les Matzarables

Who said Les Mis fever was over? After the Maccabeats, Shalom Sesame takes a crack at the iconic musical. Who does it better?

3. Bubala Please: Make Your Own Passover Haggadah

Because “making your own Haggadah is so simple, even a shiksa Russian prostitute could do it.”

4. Six13: Pesach Shop

Macklemore’s popular single gets a Passover makeover.

4 Coolest Passover Videos for Your Seder

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4 Coolest Passover Videos for Your Seder

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