4 Coolest Passover Videos for Your Seder by the Forward

4 Coolest Passover Videos for Your Seder

Sesame Street, Macklemore, animation, leopard-print coats… Everything is better with a Passover theme.

To fill the gaps between the Four Questions and the Ten Plagues, here are some Passover videos that’ll have your whole family talking - or not.

1. Passover Story: The Animated Kids Version

Move over, Rugrats! The Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation and Haggadot.com present the story of Passover, as seen by kids.

“Once upon a time there was a mean man named Pharaoh. He was short and he was skinny. I don’t know what kind of hat he wears, he just wears a hat.” Short and to the point. Whoever leads your Seder should take note.

2. Les Matzarables

Who said Les Mis fever was over? After the Maccabeats, Shalom Sesame takes a crack at the iconic musical. Who does it better?

3. Bubala Please: Make Your Own Passover Haggadah

Because “making your own Haggadah is so simple, even a shiksa Russian prostitute could do it.”

4. Six13: Pesach Shop

Macklemore’s popular single gets a Passover makeover.


Anne Cohen

Anne Cohen

Anne Cohen was the Forward’s deputy digital media editor. When she’s not looking for the secret Jewish history of Voodoo in New Orleans, or making lists about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, she writes for The Assimilator. She graduated from the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism with an M.S. magazine concentration in 2012.

4 Coolest Passover Videos for Your Seder

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4 Coolest Passover Videos for Your Seder

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