The Hidden Gem in Matisyahu's Medium Essay

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Sex, drugs, rock and roll — and ultra-Orthodox Judaism. What else could you expect from an essay written by Matisyahu?

“Akeda, the Binding and Unbinding…the Long Walk Back,” published in Medium, tells the moving tale of the formerly Hasidic singer/songwriter’s journey to overcome substance abuse, his religious struggle, his Bob Marley obsession, and more.

But the best line in the entire text comes when he tries to describe a niggun, or Hasidic melody, in layman’s terms.

Let’s just pause and reflect. Here it is again: “sang niggunim (Chassidic melodies that sound similar to the scene in Star Wars when the bad guy’s ship is arriving).”

If there was an emoji for a standing ovation, I would insert it here.

The title of the essay refers to the singer’s 2014 album Akeda (“binding”), which is itself an allusion to the biblical story in which Abraham binds Isaac to sacrifice him. Watch the video for his newest single, “The Hard Way,” below.

Read the rest of the essay here.

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This story "The Hidden Gem in Matisyahu's Medium Essay" was written by Anne Cohen.

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The Hidden Gem in Matisyahu's Medium Essay

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