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Diners, Iran and Jews, with Chuck Schumer

When MSNBC’s Steve Kornaki chose the venue to meet Senator Chuck Schumer for a low down on the Iran deal, he had no idea what he were in for. At first, it seemed like a good idea. As Jon Stewart pointed out on Wednesday night’s ‘Daily Show’ : “You get the Schumes early in the day while he’s fresh. ”

But then, they showed the setting. And Stewart’s jaw dropped. “What have you done? You brought an old New York Jewish man to a diner? You realize what this means, you’re never going to end up talking about the Iran deal, you’re just going to end up talking about diners!”

Cue 3 MINUTES of Shumer’s opinions on diners.

On beverages: “I dilute my orange juice. You drink this glass of orange juice, it’s 200 calories and it’s acidic. Do this, put 9/10 water, 1/10 orange juice. After a week or two, it tastes the same, but it’s 1/10th the calories.”

On grits (and Brooklyn jobs): “Guess what I have on my grits, which the Southerners would turn their nose at - they have butter or something - Sweet N’ Low! A Brooklyn product. 12,000 jobs in Brookyln are Sweet N’ Low jobs, direct or indirect.”

To quote one Jon Stewart, “That’s f**king weird.”

Watch the whole segment below:

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Diners, Iran and Jews, with Chuck Schumer

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