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MTV Dig at White Men Triggers Jew Hater David Duke

David Duke, who spies a Jewish conspiracy behind every corner, let loose today at MTV.

Duke’s fulminations came in response to a short clip the network posted to Twitter titled “White Guys Resolutions for 2017.” Speakers in the video urge white men to recognize their privilege and refrain from doing things like “mansplaining” and faulting racial minorities for sticking up for their own civil rights.

MTV is owned by Viacom, which in turn is part of National Amusements, the company that Jewish billionaire Sumner Redstone founded and still holds a controlling stake in. Redstone is ailing and in his nineties, with those close to him currently waging a court battle over control of his affairs.

Of course, this is how conspiracy theories work: Everything is connected, and nothing is an accident. Duke hates Jews, so when lowly employees at a massive company controlled by one senile Jew take a dig at white men, he sees in it Jewish hatred of America and Christianity.

But conspiracy theories are also a closed system. So Duke would probably would dismiss all of this as a #Cohencidence..

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MTV Dig at White Men Triggers Jew Hater David Duke

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