Happy 19th Anniversary To The Show That Taught Us How To Be Women

It’s been 19 years since “Sex and the City” premiered, forever changing the lives of women who might otherwise have believed in love, and that begs the question – where are our favorite sex goddesses now?

Search no further for I have braved the depths of Google and am here to present you with my findings.

KIM CATTRAL (Samantha aka “The Proud Slut”)

It’s difficult for me to separate Kim Cattral from her character, Samantha. Cattrall, who is now inexplicably 60 years of age, was cast as the man-killing, life-loving, blonde bombshell at the age of 40. That’s much older than the rest of her castmates and yet Cattral reigned supreme as the sexiest (and most self-loving) of the bunch.Now, the Canadian actress has returned to her homeland to star in the HBO Canada series “Sensitive Skin.”

Cattrall divorced her last husband in 2004, right after Sex and the City closed its doors, and she hasn’t said “I do” since. Don’t worry ladies – she’s been linked to a slew of men since her divorce, including Justin Trudeau’s dad. The real Samantha would never have gone for the old model but, alas, sometimes you have to accept that fiction is better than reality.

CYNTHIA NIXON (Miranda aka “The Feminist”)

I didn’t start watching ‘Sex and the City’ until I was 27 – which I still am – but I can confidently say that Miranda taught me how to be a woman. Her character was a badass feminist who refused the help of any man, even insisting on going home alone from her Lasik surgery.

The woman who plays her, Cynthia Nixon, is a breast cancer activist and card-carrying bisexual who has since only accepted roles worthy of her status as a true American hero, such as Nancy Reagan and Emily Dickinson. To the chagrin of absolutely no one, she married her wife Christine Marinoni, a dating education activist, in 2012.

KRISTIN DAVIS (Charlotte aka “The Boring Prude”)

Charlotte’s legacy as the worst character on this show who no one with even an ounce of pride can relate to has lasted a full 19 years and will likely last another 2 million.

Kristin Davis, the unfortunate actress who played her, lives in L.A. with her adopted daughter, Gemma Rose Davis. Ever trailed by the curse of Charlotte’s inability to find a normal man capable of loving her, she has never married. Her Wikipedia page links her to NO men but there are several paragraphs about her orphaned African elephant activism, which is a very annoying, “Charlotte” thing to be involved in.

SARAH JESSICA PARKER (Carrie aka “The Woman Who Was Somehow Able to Afford The Lifestyle of a Queen By Writing One Sex Column Per Week”)

Sarah Jessica Parker is FINE.

So there you have it. The women who played the women we love are out there, living, laughing, loving, and who knows – maybe planning a 20th anniversary movie reunion.

A girl can dream!

Becky Scott is the editor of The Schmooze. Follow her on Twitter at @arr_scott

This story "Happy 19th Anniversary To The Show That Taught Us How To Be Women" was written by Becky Scott.

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Happy 19th Anniversary To The Show That Taught Us How To Be Women

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