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Larry David Reveals He’s Related To Bernie Sanders

One of the great things about being a celebrity is you don’t have to order a kit on “23AndMe” to find out you’re 1/32 American Indian (congratulations but you still can’t wear a feather headdress to Coachella). Instead, you can find out everything you want to know about your family’s history on the PBS series “Finding Your Roots”.

PBS most recently enlisted Larry David to explore his ancestry on national television. Unlike Ben Affleck, who found himself in hot water after keeping “Finding Your Roots” from airing the news that he’s descended from a white slaveowner (Ben Affleck, what did you expect, honey?), Larry David got just about the best news you could hope for short of “Oprah’s your mom”: he’s related to everybody’s favorite grandfather, Bernie Sanders.

Apparently, David and Sanders are “distant cousins”, a fun fact David let slip at a recent promotional Q&A for the new season of “Curb”. David’s episode of “Finding Your Roots” hasn’t aired yet so we’re not supposed to know but we can all keep a secret, right?

It’s disappointing that Larry David is only Sanders’ third cousin instead of his illegitimate son but David should be thrilled nonetheless to be related to the only man on Earth to both vote against the Iraq War AND release a 1970s folk album for which he is STILL RECEIVING ROYALTIES.

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Larry David Reveals He’s Related To Bernie Sanders

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