The Louvre Makes Beyonce-Themed Tour After Music Video Shot By An Israeli

Music’s power couple Bey and Jay have continued to up their game.

The pair recently dropped a surprise joint album called “Everything is Love” and have wowed the masses with its vocals, content, and sheer artistry. The Louvre museum, like the rest of us, has been inspired and humbled by Beyonce and Jay-Z’s joint music video for the song ‘Apes**t’ on their latest album. The video, which was shot in the museum itself and produced by Israeli filmmaker Natan Schottenfels, is something of a masterpiece.

The Louvre has taken its reverence to the next level. The historic museum has paid homage to the album by creating a new tour based solely on the artwork and scenes of the video. The video for ‘Apes**t’, co-created by the Israeli Schottenfels, follows the dynamic duo around the Louvre as they compliment the artwork. The performers illuminate the artworks, and in turn the works give new dimension to the performers. The Louvre is clearly looking to cash in on a cultural phenomenon, as the music video is a smash hit, having garnered over 60 million views in less than a month.

The museum’s director, Jean-Luc Martinez, has made it clear that this is an attempt to universalize the Louvre’s appeal by enticing more international visitors, especially as more than two-thirds of the museum’s visitors are international, rather than local.

What better way to widen the Louvre’s audience than to weave in ties to two of pop music’s most powerful icons?

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Beyonce Music Video Inspires Themed Tour At The Louvre

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The Louvre Makes Beyonce-Themed Tour After Music Video Shot By An Israeli

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