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We’re Days Away From ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Final Premiere

Well, well, well, well (“wells” ad infinitum until world situation either significantly improves or finally implodes.) Things are bad. Television is good. “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” the oddball, musical technicolor-spectacle will return to television for its final bow on Friday, October 12.

The CW show, an intoxicating blend of Jewish cultural references and lighthearted looks at mental illness, will begin its fourth and final season next week. Co-created and anchored by irreverent comedian Rachel Bloom, the show was always a dark horse, especially in a golden age — casting racially and physically diverse players sans big names, it returns again and again to issues of mental illness through song. It seemed no more likely to succeed than a rollerskating-based mockumentary about rare soup recipes.

And yet, it did. The show has garnered a cult-following and enjoyed a full arc of weird, tuneful storytelling.

We can’t wait to see what bizarre, possibly offensive high-jinks the crew gets up to in their last act, in which Rebecca goes to jail (cue the “Cell Block Tango” sendup,) Nathaniel goes on “a death-wish adventure,” and Donna shines heroic.

Oh, Rachel Bloom/Rebecca Bunch! Take us away! Take us to West Covina.

Jenny Singer is the deputy lifestyle editor for the Forward. You can reach her at or on Twitter @jeanvaljenny

This story "‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Final Premiere Is One Week Away" was written by Jenny Singer.

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We’re Days Away From ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Final Premiere

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