Karlie Kloss Apparently ‘Knows Her Stuff’ When It Comes To Judaism

Karlie Kloss once ran in Taylor Swift’s squad. Now she’s moved on to an even more exclusive crew: Kloss and her husband Josh Kushner spent Shabbat with Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, the former chief rabbi of England.

We were ecstatic when Karlie Kloss converted to Judaism this past summer, so hearing about her hobnobbing with great Jewish thinkers is Hanukkah music to our ears. Our pride is unquantifiable.

We’re not sure who’s luckier: this Jewish power couple for getting to bask in the wisdom of the venerable Rabbi or Rabbi Sacks, for mingling with the glamorous newlyweds. Okay it’s probably the newlyweds, but still — what a power shabbos! Kloss, swanlike supermodel and tech-titan, and Josh Kushner, investment whizz and brother of Jared Kushner, got married in October in a rustic wedding upstate New York. According to Page Six, Kloss was seen at the Shabbat dinner reading in Hebrew and genuinely looking like she’d been singing zemirot since she was in pre-K. Eyewitnesses at the event confirm that Karlie “clearly knows her stuff.”

The couple reportedly mixed happily with their fellow Jews at the ritzy Shabbat gathering. The source told Page Six, “they seemed like a very down-to-earth, very tall couple.”

So much nachas! Karlie is six-foot-two. She must have been easy to spot at Sinai.

Tamar Skydell is an intern at The Forward. You can contact her at skydell@forward.com

New Jew Karlie Kloss ‘Knows Her Stuff’

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Karlie Kloss Apparently ‘Knows Her Stuff’ When It Comes To Judaism

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