Bride Urges Bridesmaids To Eat ‘Clean’ Prior To Dead Sea Dip

In the New York Post, Lauren Steussy reports on a planned Israeli wedding with a twist:

Bride-to-be Whitney Tingle, the 31-year-old co-founder of meal delivery company Sakara Life, is encouraging her bridal party to lose weight before her June wedding in Tel Aviv, Israel, by purchasing Sakara Life’s dietetic, “clean eating” meal plans. The company’s five-day meal plan starts at $410 — though Tingle is offering them 15 percent-off coupons.

“They’re going to be standing up there with me, so they want to look good and feel good too,” says the slender, blond entrepreneur.

Why the urgency?

“The day after the wedding we’re doing a beach day and then going to the Dead Sea,” says Tingle. “We’re going to be in swimsuits, so they’re all motivated.”

Motivated to… be thin? Which one needs to be in order to be (photographed) in a swimsuit? (Not a burkini, one assumes.) Is that really necessary?*

Tingle claims “[h]er bridesmaids willingly signed up for the diet,” which is certainly better than if they’d been forced. And… coupons. (Tingle is, after all, a girl boss.) Each to her own, but I will put in a small plea to remember that it’s entirely possible to a) get married, b) attend a wedding, and c) dip in the Dead Sea without dieting or embracing the “clean eating” lifestyle. (And, indeed, to do all those things while being put off by the very concept of dividing food consumption along those lines.) I mean, if you’re going to be covered in mud regardless, why not have a falafel with the fries in the pita? A little dirt never hurt.

*No, it is not.

Phoebe Maltz Bovy edits the Sisterhood, and can be reached at She is the author of “The Perils Of ‘Privilege’”, from St. Martin’s Press. Follow her on Twitter, @tweetertation

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Bride Urges Bridesmaids To Eat ‘Clean’ Prior To Dead Sea Dip

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