‘I Think I Might Be Jewish’: The Best 23AndMe Memes

23andMe is now 23andMemes.

A DNA Test Uncovers A Mother’s Secret Jewish — And Holocaust — Past

Eve Thieben harbored a dark secret about her childhood — taking it with her to the grave.

23andMe’s World Cup Campaign Leaves Ashkenazi Jews A Bit Nowhere

The ones on the left are the nationalists, for the record.

23andMe’s Cool Update Does Bupkis For Most Ashkenazi Jews

If you’re hoping to learn about whether you hail from Eastern Silesia or the village of Chelm, 23andMe simply can’t help.

New Study Of Ashkenazi Cancer Gene Could Be A Model For Genetic Testing

The free study will take place in New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Boston.

A New Lens On My Jewishness, In The Form Of A Genetic Disease

Jane Eisner, the Forward’s editor-in-chief, discusses her recently discovered genetic disease — Factor XI deficiency — and her Jewish heritage.

23andMe Can Now Test Your DNA For Breast Cancer Risk

BRCA gene mutations mainly affect women, and certain variants of the mutation can increase risk of breast and ovarian cancer by nearly 50%.

Family Needs Help To Fund Gene Therapy For Disease Prevalent in Ashkenazi Jews

The Landsman family is raising money to treat Canavan Disease, a fatal genetic disorder that hits Ashkenazi Jews hardest, including their sons.

Two Jewish Orgs To Offer Genetics Screening Counseling For Newlyweds

Couples who participate in a trip organized by Honeymoon Israel will get a coupon for genetic screening, as well as information about Jewish genetics.

Ashkenazi Jews With Crohn’s Disease More Likely To Have Parkinson’s Gene: Study

The study could have major implications for treating two seemingly unrelated diseases, researchers say.