Abigail Jones

Dirty Dance Teacher: Jackie Horner was a consultant on the film ?Dirty Dancing.?

The Not-So-Dirty 'Dirty Dancing' Story

When Eleanor Bergstein was researching the script for ‘Dirty Dancing,’ she turned to hundreds of sources. One of them was dance teacher Jackie Horner.

Decades of Decay: Amid the rubble, vestiges remain of the coffee shop at Grossinger?s Catskills Resort and Hotel in Liberty, N.Y. Photographer Marisa Scheinfeld has been capturing the ruins of the Borscht Belt hotels for the past three years.

Rediscovering Beauty Amid Ruins of Once-Glorious Catskills

Jews once flocked to the great hotels of the Catskills. Marisa Scheinfeld has dedicated herself to preserving memories of the Borscht Belt, one stunning photo at a time.

My Journey to Borscht Belt Ruins

When Abigail Jones set out to explore what is left of the legendary Catskills resorts, she thought it would be simple. Nothing could be further from the truth.

A woman is loaded into an ambulance after being injured by one of two bombs exploded during the 117th Boston Marathon.

Terror at the Boston Marathon

For those who grew up in Boston, few days can match the excitement and pure joy of Marathon Monday. That’s why it was so awful to see blood and terror wreak havoc on it.

Remarkable Bond: Rabbi Akiva Herzfeld opened the doors of his Orthodox shul to Rabbi Alice Goldfinger, despite traditional reservations about women leading prayers.

Maine Rabbi's Injury Forges Remarkable Partnership Between 2 Branches of Faith

Rabbi Alice Goldfinger’s head injury changed her life forever. But it led to a remarkable bond with Rabbi Akiva Herzfeld, who allowed her to lead prayers in his Orthodox synagogue.

Rabbi Akiva Herzfeld
Out of the Kitchen: ?Top Chef? judge Gail Simmons, like many other food celebrities, has struggled with criticism of her body.

Navigating Curves in the Era of Food TV

The food world is having its beauty moment. So how do the Jewish women of food TV navigate the crawl space between celebrity, food and relentless beauty standards?

How has a rabbi inspired you or your community?

Our Search for America's Most Inspiring Rabbis

Since we launched America’s Most Inspiring Rabbis, we’ve been overwhelmed with responses about leaders who make a difference. And there’s still time for nominations.

The Canaan dog is the only native dog of Israel.

Jewiest Dog in Show

Magnum the Canaan Dog didn’t stack up to the cute Chow-Chows and Malteses at the Westminster Dog Show. But he is the only Israeli pooch — and that makes him No. 1 in our book.

Weighing Options: Abigail Jones tries out new configurations of her name.

A Jones by Any Other (Married) Name

Is taking your spouse’s last name a bad move? With an upcoming wedding to worry about, Abigail Drachman-Jones wonders whether she needs to change a good thing.