Anne Roiphe

Voting Like Puerto Ricans: Jewish memory dictates voting patterns.

Why Jews Will Vote Democrat Again

With midterm elections coming up, Jews will likely vote Democratic again in disproportionate numbers. Anne Roiphe explores the reasons for this phenomenon.

Secrets of the City

CHAPTER 64: CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND In Chapter 63, Ruth and Augusta exchanged confidences over cocktails. Brooke had an appointment with a divorce lawyer, an old law school classmate of Jacob’s, and she wanted a serious outfit, perhaps a gray suit with a white satin blouse, for their first

Secrets of the City

gotta go now.” Ina heard something in her mother’s voice, a catch, a rasp, a whisper of a plea, an unsaid word that left an echo in the phone line. “Mother,” Ina asked, “ do you remember how we used to play gin rummy when we rented that beach house the summer I was 8 and how you always let me win?” “I do,” said Ruth, thinking

Secrets of the City

In Chapter 56, Neil took his own life by the side of the road. Moe Alter was staring at his computer. On the screen was an e-mail from the polling firm he had hired with funds from the Mayor’s last campaign. The Mayor’s radio speech was corny. But then the Mayor was corny, and the people of the city loved corn. It had worked. The poll