Beth Kissileff

The Fighting Congregation: In his posthumously published novel, Raphael Silver (right), who died in 2013, chronicles the power struggle in a Cleveland Reform temple.

Chilly Scenes of Cleveland Synagogues

What happens when a senior rabbi announces from the pulpit on Rosh Hashanah that he is suffering from ALS? In his posthumously published novel, Raphael Silver chronicles the power struggle.

Zombies, Jews and Aliens — A Q&A With Lavie Tidhar

Forget Iran and anti-Semitism. Lavie Tidhar’s newly released short-story anthologies ‘Jews Versus Aliens’ and ‘Jews Versus Zombies,’ have Jews literally taking on a whole new world of challenges.

Female Spiritual Leader In Efrat Begins Role

Dr. Jennie Rosenfeld begins her job as a communal spiritual leader in Efrat. She is the first woman in the history of Israel to fill such a role.

Prize-Winner: Ruby Namdar’s “Ruined House’ takes place both in 2000 New York and at the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

How Ruby Namdar Wrote the Great Hebrew American Novel

Ruby Namdar has won the Sapir Prize for his novel ‘The Ruined House.’ He speaks to the Forward about living in English but writing in Hebrew.

Carolyn Starman Hessel

'Jewish Oprah' Carolyn Starman Hessel Turns Page From Jewish Book Council

When Carolyn Starman Hessel joined the New York-based Jewish Book Council in 1994 – at the request of friend Marsha Posner – she knew nothing about the publishing world.

Writers Line Up For Israel's Top Literary Prize

The nominees have been announced for the Sapir Prize, Israel’s top literary award, including a novel by Reuven Namdar that takes place entirely in New York.

It's Time To Put Women in Charge of the Mikveh

Want to prevent the next Rabbi Barry Freundel voyeurism scandal? Beth Kissileff says the solution is simple: Put women in charge of the mikveh system.

No Place Like ‘Home’: Marilynne Robinson recently appeared with fellow author Nam Le at an international writer’s festival in Jerusalem.

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Marilynne Robinson Discusses Her First Trip to Israel

Prize-winning author Marilynne Robinson talks about how it felt to see Israel as a tangible landscape for the first time, what she thinks about BDS and how her trip will inform her future writing.

Philip Roth, Once Outcast, Joins Jewish Fold With Jewish Theological Seminary Honor

Philip Roth, the writer whose works were once denounced as profane, was honored by one of American Jewry’s sacred citadels: The Jewish Theological Seminary.

Debut Prize Winner: Dalia Betolin-Sherman is the author of “How the World Became White.”

8 New Israeli Writers You Need To Read Right Now

Who will represent the next generation of great Israeli literature? Beth Kissileff tracks down an octet of writers to watch for now — and years to come.