David Hazony

3 Reasons Bibi Won — and What It Means

Most of what happened in Israel’s election was predictable. But David Hazony says there were a few last-minute surprises that will resonate far beyond the coming weeks.

Bibi Should Speak to Congress — and We Should Listen!

Netanyahu’s job isn’t to make Americans feel like everything’s okay. It’s to protect Israelis — even if that requires a controversial address to Congress, David Hazony argues.

Standing Ovation? Netanyahu’s last speech before Congress was in 2011.

Why Benjamin Netanyahu Is Right on Speech to Congress

Benjamin Netanyahu is taking a beating over his planned speech to Congress. David Hazony says if all sides set politics aside, we might see why Bibi is right.

Unequivocally Bad Guys: Palestinian militants of the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas’s armed wing, sit on a pick-up truck in front of a model of a Gaza Strip made M75 rocket newly displayed at the al-Jalaa square on March 10 in Gaza City

The Moral Quandary That Is Hamas

By suspending talks with the Palestinian Authority over its decision to join with Hamas, Israel was taking what can only be called a moral stand, writes David Hazony.

Why Recognizing Israel as 'Jewish State' Is Key to Peace

The most important issue in the Middle East peace talks is finally on the table. Palestinians must recognize Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state if the conflict is to end, David Hazony writes.

Divided: Sharon inspired sharp reactions that were often contradictory.

The Sharon They Loved, the Sharon We Hated

For Israelis, Ariel Sharon represented a treasured independence and fierceness of spirit, writes David Hazony. This is a Sharon that Diaspora Jews never understood.

Biden?s Support: Vice President Biden who spoke at the year?s J Street conference has said ?that Jewish heritage, Jewish culture, Jewish values are such an essential part of who we are that it?s fair to say that Jewish heritage is American heritage?.?

American Jews Should Own Their Success!

‘If American Judaism could offer a compelling alternative to Israeli culture, rather than accept its eventual supremacy, what would that look like?’ David Hazony asks.

Terror Template: Do the attacks in London and Boston herald a new type of terrorist? Will an effective response require curbing our liberty more than before?

London Meat Cleaver Attack Echoes Lessons of Boston Marathon Bombing

The attacks in London and Boston show the West is facing a totally new kind of terrorism. It may pose even greater threats to our liberty than Al Qaeda.

Off Target: Wayne LaPierre of the National Rifle Association invoked Israel?s experience to bolster his argment that a more heavily armed society is safer. He only advertised his woeful lack of understanding about Israeli attitudes towards firearms.

In Israel, Guns Signal Failure Not Strength

American gun-rights backers have sought to invoke Israel’s experience to bolster their claim that a heavily armed society is safer. If only they knew how wrong they are.

Israel's Supposed Lurch to Right Was Just a Myth

If the election has proved anything, it’s that Israelis never did lurch to the right. The reality is decidedly more nuanced, argues David Hazony.