Deborah Kolben

Back in the Saddle Again: Rose Sinkin’s eldest daughter Nancy models the company’s western wear in the late 1950’s.

The Secret Idealism of My Grandma Rose of Texas

Grandma Rose was cranky till the day she died. It was only later that Deborah Kolben discovered that her tough-as-nails grandmother from Texas was a bleeding heart revolutionary.

Drawn to Chabad Preschools, Stuffed Torahs and All

EDUCATION: Many less-observant Jews wouldn’t dream about going to a Chabad synagogue. But the group’s preschools attract a growing enrollment from across the spectrum of Judaism.

Deborah Kolben and her daughter, Mika

A, B, C's or Aleph Bet?

FALL EDUCATION: Picking a nursery school is a big step for any parent. Choosing between Jewish and non-Jewish preschools makes the decision even more complicated.

Perils of Facebook Parenting

Posting our kids’ cute pics can be fun and empowering, but there is also a risk of oversharing. Many bloggers and casual Facebook users alike feel things have gone too far.

Why My Daughter Isn't Bilingual — Yet

Deborah Kolben and her husband planned to teach their daughter English and Hebrew. But raising a bilingual child proved more challenging than they expected.

Why Do Men Write All the Baby Manuals?

The world of childrearing is still mostly considered the domain of women. So why are most of the how-to books that ‘instruct’ us about it written by men?

Who Will Light Up Jewish Kids Lit?

Jewish children’s book authors Simms Taback and Russell Hoban died days apart in December. Deborah Kolben says her daughter’s bookshelf won’t be the same.

Jewish Day Care Is Missing Link

It’s a nightmare out there for Jewish parents looking for day care. Deborah Kolben asks why synagogues or community groups don’t step up to fill the void.