Graham Lawson

Red All Over: A detail from Jan Rauchwerger?s ?The Ball of My Life.?

All The Print That's Fit To Print

Printmaking has a centuries-old tradition, which has been practiced by artists from Albrecht Dürer to Andy Warhol. A new show highlights the work of two printing centers in Israel.

Windows to the World: Ofri Cnaani?s installation stretches across six large windows.

Channeling and Challenging Eccentricity at Israel's National Library

12 artists have been asked to create new works at the National Library of Israel. Ofri Cnaani is using the writings of the iconoclastic Ilse Lasker-Schuler as inspiration.

House That Struck Built: A new museum dedicated to the art of Hermann Struck has opened in Haifa.

Haifa Museum Honors Legacy of Now-Forgotten Hermann Struck

Mostly forgotten in Germany, Hermann Struck emigrated to Haifa in 1922 and played a prominent role in the city’s social and cultural life.

Undercover Artist: Yehuda Miklaf bound an Esperanto version of ?The Song of Solomon.?

Meet the Pope's Jewish Bookbinder

Meet Yehuda Miklaf, the Jerusalem-based bookbinder to the elite who has created custom book designs for George W. Bush and the Pope.

Neither Rain nor Sleet: Saul Leiter?s ?Postmen? (1952) shows how his street photography was informed by his love of impressionism.

In Praise of Saul Leiter, Color Photography Pioneer

At the end of his life, Saul Leiter enjoyed something of a renaissance. An entire generation is discovering his work, giving the photographer newfound prominence.

Stranger in a Strange Land: In her video ?A Needle Woman,? currently on view at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, artist Kimsooja depicts herself walking through seemingly alien settings.

Tel Aviv Exhibit About Hospitality Arrives With Some Political Baggage

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art’s new exhibit “Host & Guest” suggests a promising future for museum director Suzanne Landau. But the exhibit hasn’t turned out exactly the way it was supposed to.

The Outsiders: Shalom of Safed?s painting of ?King Solomon? is on display as part of an exhibition at the Haifa Museum of Art.

Haifa Museum Brings Outsider Artists Inside the World of Israeli Art

An exotic mix of 27 international and Israeli artists exhibited at the Haifa Museum of Art shows the connections among outsider, folk and naive art.

Movement With Purpose

Through its performances, Public Movement aims to create a dialogue between art and politics. Now the group’s leader will be hosting a series of salons in New York.

Picasso in Palestine: A Prized Painting Is On Rare and Welcome Visit to Ramallah

The bustling West Bank city of Ramallah now has a claim to art-world fame. It landed Picasso’s famed “Bust de Femme,” on loan for a month.