Hussein Ibish

How King Abdullah Set Stage for Saudi Reforms — and Opening to Israel

King Abdullah was far from a revolutionary. With cautious steps, the late Saudi monarch set the stage for reforms in his insular kingdom — and ties with Israel, Hussein Ibish writes.

Worlds Apart: A Pakistani policeman stands guard at the Parliament as it passed a symbolic resolution condemning Charlie Hebdo’s caricatures of the Prophet Muhammed as ‘blasphemous.’

Where's the Moral Clarity of #JeSuisCharlie When Free Speech Isn't Safe?

The world spoke as one to defend freedom of expression after the Charlie Hebdo terror attacks — or did it? Hussein Ibish says Muslim and Western countries both fail to live up to their words.

Crafty Electioneering

While the Forward’s unprecedented interview with Hamas leader Mousa Abu Marzook didn’t demonstrate any shift in Hamas’s policies, it provides some insight into Hamas’s internal politics.

Two Flags: Just as Israelis and Palestinians cherish two different flags, the historical narratives that animate the two peoples cannot be reconciled.

Two Narratives for Two Peoples

Many Jewish Israelis and their supporters have reacted with outrage to a New York Times Op-Ed on May 17 by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, particularly its invocation of the Palestinian historical narrative. Most troubling to them was Abbas’s description of how his family was “forced” to flee their home in what became Israel in 1948 — a word choice they feel implies that Abbas and his family were evicted by Jewish troops.