Jane Eisner

Jane Eisner

Jane Eisner

Man of Faith: Brooks acknowledges his position as a Jewish thought leader.

The Road to David Brooks' Character

David Brooks is the conservative Jewish thought leader even some liberals like to read. So, Jane Eisner asks, why does the New York Times columnist seem so at odds with contemporary Jewish life?

A Forward for the Inquisitive Reader

Welcome to the new Forward, designed for those who experience journalism digitally, who read and post and share, who watch and listen, who access stories from wherever we are.

Anatomy of a Smear

How does one person’s complaint become a nasty public crusade? Jane Eisner dissects the smear campaign against prominent Jewish leaders who support the New Israel Fund.

Netanyahu's Speech Just Raised the Stakes for All

Netanyahu may have accomplished his goals in Washington, Jane Eisner writes. But his speech raised the stakes for Israel and America — and the results could be dangerous.

Nice Jewish Lord: Lord Sinderby is the guy lots of ‘Downton Abbey’ fans love to hate. But he makes an important point about intermarriage.

Defending Lord Sinderby

Is a Jewish nobleman right to order his son not to marry outside the faith? ‘Downton Abbey’ poses the question — and Jane Eisner explains why she’s siding with Lord Sinderby.

Which Rabbis Inspire You, America?

Eliyahu Fink is an unconventional spiritual leader. Help us find others who touch the lives of Jews in profound and unusual ways for this year’s America’s Most Inspiring Rabbis.

Genesis Prize Goes to Michael Douglas. Really?

The million-dollar Genesis Prize was awarded to Michael Douglas. He makes last year’s winner —  Michael Bloomberg — look like an inspired choice, Jane Eisner writes.

2-0-1-4 No More

As we say farewell to 2014, to the joys, sorrows and all in-between. Let’s remember that when it comes to the Jews there is no such thing as too much good news!

A Most Inspiring Hanukkah at the White House

Barack Obama spoke of Alan Gross’s freedom and Angela Buchdahl sang songs of hope. At the White House, Hanukkah never seemed so meaningful, Jane Eisner writes.

One More Thing About the Salary Survey

How does the Forward’s annual Salary Survey get made? Questions from some of the CEOs whose salaries we included have prompted us to clarify the process.