Joanie Weiss

Secret Jewish History of Temple Beth Shalom

Temple Beth Shalom is one of Boca’s most popular bridge venues. But few who cruise past to get a nosh at Izzy’s Deli realize that there’s some Yiddish in Temple Beth Shalom’s own bloodlines.

Come Back Home: Like Spain, the Chaldean empire seeks to make amends for its ancient crimes against the Jews.

Chaldeans Apologize, Urge Jews To Return and Offer Citizenship

BACKWARD: The Chaldean Empire has returned to the world stage after 2,500 years. It comes bearing apologies, and citizenship offers, to the Jews.

Landmark Study: Jews Agree, Disagree

A landmark study suggested that Jews both agree and disagree.

Israel’s New Governing Coalition United by Desire To Be in Governing Coalition

“My constituents put their faith in my experience, and my experience has taught me that being part of the opposition is just terrible,” Tzipi Livni explained.

Moses Calls For Global Support of Pharaoh

The leaders of the Israelite tribe are publicly supporting the regime of the Egyptian Pharaoh despite ongoing protests, and their own recent conflicts with the Middle Eastern despot.

God Resumes Prophecy — Via Twitter

These days, it seems, nobody can afford not to Tweet — not even the Creator of the universe.

Israel Reins in Firebrand Minister

To limit diplomatic fallout from Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman’s inflammatory public comments, Israeli officials have begun staging a series of fake public appearances to fool Lieberman into believing that the outside world is listening to him. These events are totally closed affairs and are stocked with a mixture of Foreign Ministry staff and homeless people, all of whom are required to sign nondisclosure waivers about Lieberman’s comments. In this photograph, Lieberman addresses those he believes to be attendees at the 2010 Herzliya Conference and lays out his strategy for machine-gunning West Bank goats suspected of terrorist activity. In fact, the event was staged at a middle school in Kenosha, Wis.