Jonathan Sarna

Winds of Change? 2013 marked the inaugural graduation of Yeshivat Maharat, the Bronx yeshiva that has been controversially training women to lead Orthodox congregations.

Is ‘Open Orthodoxy’ an Oxymoron?

Was this the year of ‘Open Orthodoxy’? The inaugural graduation of Yeshivat Maharat and the new leadership at Yeshivat Chovevei Torah would indicate so. But some were not convinced.

Why Is Orthodoxy Packing Up Big Tent?

So-called ‘Open Orthodoxy’ has come under withering attack by mainstream rabbis. The irony is that American Orthodoxy once fought for a inclusive model of faith, Jonathan Sarna writes.

The Jewish Translation That Rewrote the Bible

It’s been 50 years since the Jewish Publication Society commissioned a groundbreaking translation of the Bible. Jonathan Sarna asks if it’s time to revisit the famed work.

Long Tradition: When rabbis Meir Soloveichik and David Wolpe gave invocations at this year?s political conventions, it may have seen like a novelty. In fact, rabbis have been addressing the gatherings for more than a century.

Rabbis Have Long Had Place at Conventions

Republicans and Democrats alike have often called on rabbis to lead prayers at their conventions. In 2012, as in 1896, they hope to deliver subtle political messages, Jonathan Sarna writes.

Jewish Publication Society Sale Brings End to Era

The sale of unsold inventory and publication rights to all of the Jewish Publication Society’s books effectively shuts down the oldest Jewish publisher in the United States.