Kathleen Peratis

Falling Apart: Reem Abu Emer in her destroyed house in the village of Shejaiya.

Walking Amid the Rubble of Gaza

Kathleen Peratis made her first visit to Gaza after the war, and what she found there, she writes, were scenes straight out of a Hieronymus Bosch painting.

Source of Light: Kathleen Peratis behind Leonard Fein as he meditated on the speeches at his 80th birthday.

Leonard Fein, My King of the Jews

Leonard Fein was an inspiration to generations of progressive Jews. Kathleen Peratis, who had dinner with him on the night he died, remembers her ‘king of the Jews.’

Trapped: A Palestinian man rides a motorcycle with his children past masked militants of Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas?s armed wing, as they parade in Jabalia refugee camp, northern Gaza Strip, on November 14 during an anti-Israel march.

Remember Gaza

On her fourth trip to Gaza, Kathleen Peratis finds a desperate population, imprisoned by Israel and Egypt, terrorized by Hamas, and growing increasingly hopeless that anything can change.

My Way or the Highway

Acting unilaterally, whether it’s Israel or the Palestinians, can be destructive and making a deal would be better. But it might be the only way to make progress, writes Kathleen Peratis.

Celebrations of Nakba Day in Gaza on May 15, 2012.

Gaza's 'Tunnel Economy' Is Booming

Despite the Israeli blockade, Gaza’s economy shows signs of life. Traffic through its disputed tunnels to Egypt is thriving, although perhaps not for long.

Destination Point: The effort to get world recognition of Palestine will play out in September at the United Nations General Assembly.

What Is the Wording?

Kathleen Peratis wonders if Israel and its allies should direct their energy toward shaping, rather than stopping, the forthcoming U.N. resolution to declare an independent Palestinian state.

Schools and Chicken Coops Aren’t Security Threats

Fawzi Yusef, a farmer in the West Bank village of Yanun, has been unable to reach his olive groves near the Itamar settlement for more than 10 years due to a “military closure.” He might have taken hope from a 2006 decision by Israel’s High Court of Justice. The court ruled that the Israel Defense Forces should refrain from preventing Palestinians from reaching their lands, absent real-time intelligence of threats on the ground.

Let My People Stay?: Sudanese protesters held signs outside the Israeli prime minister?s residence in Jerusalem in 2007 demanding that individuals fleeing Darfur be allowed to stay in Israel.

On the Egypt-Israel Border, a Modern Exodus

Last month, as Jews around the world prepared for Passover, Egyptian border guards were killing migrants trying to cross into Israel. How many of us, as we sat at our Seder tables, were even aware of the dramatic parallel to the Passover story taking place on the present-day Egyptian-Israeli border?