Lillian Swanson

Marching to Remember Triangle Fire

Marchers carrying symbolic shirtwaists marched through the streets of Manhattan to a ceremony marking the 101st anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire.

The Jew and Hitler's Bug

Volkswagen produced the Beetle in answer to Hitler’s call for a car for the German masses. A new book says the iconic vehicle was the brainchild of a Jewish engineer.

Stephen Sondheim

Triangle Coalition Restarts Artist Search

The Remember the Triangle Fire Coalition is re-opening its search for an artist to design a permanent memorial to the 146 victims of the 1911 garment factory fire.

Masha Leon receiving the award from the President of Poland.
Recoverd at Last: Julian Falat?s ?The Hunt? on display at Polish Consulate in New York. The painting, which was looted by the Nazis, was recovered after a court battle.

Looted Paintings Returned to Poland

Two oil paintings stolen by the Nazis 67 years ago from the walls of Poland?s National Museum in Warsaw were returned Thursday night to the people and government of Poland in a ceremony held at the Polish consulate in New York City.

Wacek Saltzberg in 1945