Lisa Traiger

Plagiarizing the Bible: Jill Sobule is known for her barrier-breaking and socially conscious songs that question the status quo.

Jill Sobule's Adaptation of 'Yentl' Hews Closely to Isaac Bashevis Singer's Groundbreaking Work

Barbra Streisand’s version of ‘Yentl’ made a lot of changes to Isaac Bashevis Singer’s inspiring story. Songwriter Jill Sobule’s adaptation hews closer to the original.

Woody Guthrie Gets Onstage Musical Treatment

Troubadour and folk poet Woody Guthrie was a working class hero with deep Jewish connections. His life and music is now being celebrated in a musical traveling the country.

Inside the Sex Industrial Complex

Laura Zam’s ‘Married Sex,’ which makes its debut at the New York Fringe Festival, takes audiences on a wild ride through the ‘sex industrial complex.’

A Beak Into The 20th Century: Performers from the Ashfield, Mass. company Double Edge perform a scene from ?The Grand Parade.?

Marc Chagall on Parade

Part spectacle, part tribute to Chagall, with a heaping dose of Cirque du Soleil, a new performance piece called “The Grand Parade” is premiering at D.C.’s Arena Stage.

Choreographing Across The Continents

Netta Yerushalmy takes advantage of technology that allows her to communicate her choreography across time zones. The results are on display this month at LaMaMa in her latest dance “Devouring, Devouring.”

Republic of Dance

For three days in August, the northern Israeli town of Karmiel turns into a dance epicenter. Its world-renowned festival features performances and folk dance sessions.

Telling the Holocaust Through Dance

The Holocaust might seem the unlikeliest subject for a ballet. But the Austin Ballet’s ‘Light’ is a powerful drama about resilience, humanity and survival.