Liz Steinberg

Our Favorite New Israeli Wines

Looking for some exquisite wines to serve at your next kiddush? We sipped, swirled and tasted loads to help you find some new gems.

Miznon's Ice Cream in a Pita Is Delicious — Trust Us!

Eyal Shani, Israel’s favorite bad-boy celebrity chef, created a small stir in the food world with an innovative new menu item — ice cream in a pita.

Israel's First Food Tech Accelerator

Could the startup nation become a powerhouse for food-related startups, too? A new tech accelerator in Israel could make this happen.

Chef Michael Solomonov and filmmaker Roger Sherman shopping at a spice store in Levinsky market.

Behind the Scenes of 'The Search for Israeli Cuisine'

We caught up with Chef Michael Solomonov who is touring Israel to make a PBS documentary on the country’s food.

Michael Solomonov Brings Proper Hummus to Philly

Israeli-American chef Michael Solomonov is set to open a laid back hummus joint and a restaurant serving traditional food from the Jewish Diaspora in the city of brotherly love.

Michael Solomonov's Culinary Tribute to Slain Brother

Exactly ten years ago, Michael Solomonov’s brother died while serving in the IDF. This week, the famed Israeli chef returned home to cook for the slain soldier’s comrades.

Boutique Israeli Beer Comes to the East Coast

Can one of Israel’s leading boutique breweries carve out a niche among the thousands of brews sold in the United States? Malka Beer is about to find out.