Noam Neusner

Online: Sites like Facebook will play a larger role in getting across the images and sentiments of the conflict.

The Intifada Will Be Live Streamed — Is That Bad?

If the third intifada erupts, the role of social media will be unprecedented. Noam Neusner explains who the winners will be if this uprising is waged on YouTube and Facebook.

Don’t Laugh Now: Eric Cantor’s misery should be a scary sign of things to come for Democrats as well as Republicans.

Why Eric Cantor's Loss Will Hurt Jewish Democrats, Too

Liberal Jews are dancing gleefully on Eric Cantor’s political grave. But Noam Neusner writes they shouldn’t gloat — his loss is a sign of big trouble for them too.

Staying Mum: Senators Schumer, Menendez, Reid and Durbin are some of the Democrats who have not been outspoken about the Iran deal.

A Conspicuous Silence in Congress

Democrats in Congress have not vocally supported the new interim nuclear deal with Iran, writes Noam Neusner. Could this be a sign that they are ready to turn on the president?

Strongarm Tactics? IRS official Daniel Wurfel testifies about claims that conservative groups were targeted for extra scrutiny. According to new revelations, low-level tax agents often make critical decisions about lines between church and state.

At Scandal-Plagued IRS, Agents Make Crucial Judgments About God and Taxes

Of all the things we’ve learned about the Internal Revenue Service, the most amazing is this: The tax man (or woman) has a keen sense for the proper place for God in our lives.

Lessons of Boston: Noam Neusner, second from right, prepares to run in the Boston Marathon.

Carnage and Courage

When terror struck, exhausted Boston Marathon runners helped the injured. Noam Neusner, who completed the race, says that teaches us a vital lesson about perseverence in the face of evil.

Jew-Man: Would more people practice Judaism if they could play it like a game?

Let's Turn Jewish Practice Into Something Competitive

Would you wear a JewBelt, a device to measure how seriously you take your religion? Practice makes perfect, and Noam Neusner argues Judaism needs to up its game.

New Agenda: Jewish conservatives should grab the initiative on immigration reform.

Post-Romney Agenda for Jewish Conservatives

With the election over, Jewish conservatives now must decide where to turn their attention. Noam Neusner proposes a new focus on immigration reform.

Don?t Take Bait: It is tempting to conclude that the Democrats now enjoy a demographic stranglehold on national politics. But extrapolating from the present into the future with a straight line rarely works out well.

Obama Channels Bush's Strategy To Win

President Obama’s victory wasn’t revelatory. He simply channeled George W. Bush’s timeworn strategy to win a second term in the White House.

Somber Scene: President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton mourn the loss of slain U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens.

Obama Should Answer for Middle East Failures

As a result of Barack Obama’s policies, America’s friends are fewer in the Middle East, its influence smaller, its strategic position weakened. Does that sound like a winning policy?

Doing Good: Mitt Romney?s support for individual freedom and prosperity is the best possible antidote for President Barack Obama?s spiral of decline.

Mitt Romney Is Real Tikkun Olam Candidate

Mitt Romney believes in the power of individual freedom — and has shown that Americans can achieve much more than government. That makes him the real tikkun olam candidate.