Sarah Kessler

Kosher Controversy at the Olympics

McDonalds is expected to provide about 20% of the food at the London Olympics. Yet the restaurant giant has refused to offer kosher options.

A member of Spice Caravan prepares a meal for the second annual Gefiltefest.
Isaac Babel, NKVD Photo, May 1939.
Jerrold Bennett
?S? is for ?sukkah.?
Glossy Tales: Carter?s new novel, ?We Are Rich.?

Our Crowd

In Dori Carter’s luxurious and leafy Southern California town of Rancho Esperanza, the setting for her second book, everyone knows the neighbor’s social status, but nobody knows each other — or, it seems, themselves.

Unpacking a Painting: ?The Scribe? is one the most symbolic and complicated paintings to come out of Arthur Szyk?s Paris period.

Describing a Scribe

On an immediate level, illustrator Arthur Szyk’s (1894–1951) “The Scribe,” painted during his late twenties in Paris, is a confident display of technical mastery. Here’s a young artist who can do ornate, Renaissance illuminations; he can also give you Picasso’s abstraction. Actually, he can give you both at once. This painting, as it turns out, is the only one in which a Picasso appears in Szyk’s entire body of work — merely as though to prove he’s capable of it if he cares to show it.