Simi Lichtman

Simi and Jeremy

No Longer 'Just Married'

It’s a cliche to say that the first year of marriage is the hardest. Simi Lichtaman’s newlywed days, documented in this blog, have taught her how much lies ahead of her.

Learning To Pray Every Day

When a friend asked on Facebook, ‘what do you do every day,’ Simi Lichtman replied: ‘read, run and write.’ Now she can add ‘pray.’

Simi Lichtman

Why Read Marriage Announcements?

Joanna Newsom and Andy Samberg got married last week, as did New York Times editor Jill Abramson’s daughter. Why are wedding announcements so fascinating?

Lena Dunham Wore the Right Dress

America gasped in horror at Lena Dunham’s frumpy Emmy’s dress. Simi Lichtman wondered if she was dressing for herself, not the paparazzi.

Baby Photos Don't Belong on Facebook

Proud parents should respect their children and not flood social media with their super-cute photos, Simi Lichtman writes. After all, today’s babies are tomorrow’s grownups.

Coming Out of the Orphan Closet

At the start of the Jewish New Year, Simi Lichtman finds herself contemplating the death of the father she barely knew, and her obligation to mourn for him.

Of Meds and Marriage

When Simi got married she stopped her anti-anxiety pills, thinking she no longer needed them. Then she realized she did, for the sake of her marriage.

Wedding Album: At this time last year, Simi and Jeremy were preparing for their upcoming nuptials.

Finding Potential in an Anti-Climactic New Year

Last year at the High Holy Days, Simi was facing marriage, graduation and a new job. This year, nothing’s on the agenda. But a clear slate could bring spiritual growth.

Sharing Responsibility for Birth Control

Simi Lichtman’s husband often reminds her to take her birth-control pill. That’s how it should be, especially for Modern Orthodox women who are the ones to take precautions.