Susan Comninos

The Talented Mr Lansky: In Zachary Lazar’s novel “I Pity the Poor Immigrant” many of the characters assembled, such as Meyer Lansky (above) have little to do with one another.

When Meyer Lansky Fell in Love with a Holocaust Survivor

Zachary Lazar’s new novel about Meyer Lansky searches for ties between past and present. In the process, it asks us questions about journalism, identity and ourselves.

The Designated Mourner: Peter Orner?s moving short stories explore mediocrity and defeat.

Peter Orner Will Break Your Heart

Peter Orner returns to his bailiwick — namely short stories — in ‘Last Car Over the Sagamore Bridge.’ The new collection will haunt readers without exhausting them.

Klezmer Elegy: Harris J. Wulfson, a klezmer musician, threw himself in front of a New York City train in 2008. HIs suicide forms the basis of Sarah Manguso?s mournful memoir.

Klezmer Musician's Death Plunges Author Into Exploration of Madness and Grief

A lean and beautifully written memoir of psychosis, Sarah Manguso’s The Guardians’ explores her grief after the suicide of a close friend, klezmer musician Harris J. Wulfson.

Carpe Diem Maybe: 43-year-old Montreal humorist Jonathan Goldstein is out with a new collection of essays called ?I?ll Seize The Day Tomorrow.?

Radio Kvetcher Jonathan Goldstein Is Still Learning How To Grow Up

Jonathan Goldstein, producer of WireTap and author of a new essay collection called “I’ll Seize The Day Tomorrow” reflects on his career and his persistent immaturity.

An Atypical Victim: James Lasdun at home in upstate New York.

What Has He Done To Deserve This?

In his dark, literate and startlingly compassionate memoir, James Lasdun explores being harassed by a former student whose writing he championed.

Shushing the Monkeys in His Mind

Daniel Smith experiences the constant worrying one might expect of an air-traffic controller, a wartime president or a brain surgeon. But he is none of the above.

From Dude to Dad

Jewish comic Dan Zevin is making hay out of his life progression from slacker to spouse to smitten dad. He’s turned his fumbling path through fatherhood into a book and more.

In Egypt: On the eve of leaving Egypt, Leon and Edith had a family portrait taken with Issac and six-year-old Loulou.

Lucette Lagnado’s Second Memoir of Cairo and Brooklyn Concentrates on Her Mother

Lucette Lagnado’s second memoir retells her family’s story from Cairo to Brooklyn, but this time the story is told from her mother’s perspective.

Georg Baselitz, ?Man of Faith,? 1983.

How To Carry On

When American-born novelist Cynthia Ozick published her 1997 New Yorker essay “Who Owns Anne Frank?” the possessive stance of the author, then 69, was clear. By the time that Tova Reich, the American-born author of the novel “My Holocaust” (HarperCollins, 2007) — and a generation younger than Ozick —reviewed the question of who can claim to be a victim of the Shoah, her reply was a more diffuse and satiric “you.”