Yossi Alpher

Thinking Beyond: Israel is expanding its sights.

Why Benjamin Netanyahu's Dream of Building Arab Alliances Doomed to Fail

Benjamin Netanyahu has been speaking lately about working with Arab states. Yossi Alpher writes Israel has tried the tactic before — and failed.

Why Another War in Gaza Is All But Inevitable

The guns of Gaza have fallen silent for now. But Yossi Alpher says there has been almost no progress toward a permanent peace — making a new conflict all but inevitable.

Why Israel Is Right To Launch Gaza Ground War To Root Out Terror

Is Israel justified in launching a ground war in Gaza? Yossi Alpher says yes because the IDF is acting to curb rocket fire —  and Hamas can end the war anytime it wants.

Why Israel Wants an Independent Kurdistan

Kurds have taken advantage of the implosion of Iraq to push forward with their dream for an independent state. Why is Israel so quick to jump on the bandwagon?

Bridge to Nowhere? With Mideast peace talks foundering, John Kerry may soon present U.S. ?bridging proposals? to move the process forward. An informed scorecard says it might not do much good.

A Mideast Peace 'Bridge' Too Far?

With the Mideast peace talks stalled, the White House may propose ‘bridging proposals’ on key issues. How will Israel and the Palestinians react — and can they reach a deal?

Where?s Our Charm? Iranian President Hassan Rouhani continues to present a moderate face to the world. Why is Benjamin Netanyahu playing nasty?

How Benjamin Netanyahu's Scowl Campaign Hurts Israel

Israel is right to be skeptical of Iran’s intentions. But Benjamin Netanyahu is only hurting Israel by scowling in the face of the Islamic republic’s charm offensive, Yossi Alpher writes.

Sticking Point: Issues like control of the Temple Mount might derail the whole process.

The Issues the Peace Process Should Avoid

The biggest obstacle to the peace process is the stated need to solve all the outstanding issues at once. Yossi Alpher has another idea about the more effective order of things.

Quiet After the Storm: Israel soldiers pray near the Gaza border the day after the ceasefire went into effect.

Where Gaza Has Left Us

What are the lessons of Gaza? Perhaps that a healthy dose of destruction gives Israel’s Islamist-terrorist enemies second thoughts about attacking it.

Sabra Standard: In a new book Patrick Tyler argues that David Ben-Gurion and many high ranking ?sabras,? native-born Israelis, have damned Israel to live in turmoil through their militancy, land hunger and provincialism.

Patrick Tyler's Skewed Agenda Sabotages Book

Patrick Tyler’s book argues that Israel’s military leaders have consistently ignored openings for peace. The journalist allows preconceived ideas to color his analysis, Yossi Alpher writes.

Noose Tightens: As the survival of the Assad regime looks increasingly questionable, it?s important to consider the dangerous scenarios that could unfold.

Syria Bloodshed Could Lead to Break-Up

The fighting in Syria, now officially designated by the Red Cross as a ‘civil war,’ could end up differently than most people expect, with dangerous consequences, Yossi Alpher writes.