Mixing Bowl: Brisket Mondays, Burger King Goes Cage-Free

Image: iStock

Kutsher’s Tribeca is launching Brisket Mondays — a different preparation of brisket will be offered each week. We’re so there! [ Eater ]

Spice advice from Lior Lev Sercaz, our favorite Israeli spice master. [ Food 52 ]

An Israeli chef and a Palestinian chef work side by side in a DC catering company. [ Slate ]

Incase we haven’t told you enough about culinary tours in Israel (see here and here ), try out the new Rama apps for a tour of Nazareth’s Old City and one of Mahaneh Yehuda .

Burger King has agreed to only sell cage-free products, making it the first fast food restaurant to make the commitment. [ Village Voice ]

Cod falafel at Mile End? Hmmm, we’re not sure that’s authentic but it sure sounds tasty. [ Serious Eats ]

Got Kosher Café, in Los Angeles is serving fantastic well-executed Jewish Tunisian food. [ LA Weekly ]