Meet the Ultra-Orthodox Woman Whose Start Up Sells Bras Online

When Orit Hashay began raising money for a start-up selling bras online, she found that many potential investors were concerned with one thing: the fact that she was pregnant.

“While the investors liked my ideas, they seemed preoccupied with the prospect of me becoming a mother and how it might change my priorities,” Hashay told Business Inside. “I didn’t want to take money from people that were trying to convince me that I’m not sure about starting a business that I knew I was passionate about.”

Hashay’s business, Brayola, has thrived since its conception in 2012. The Huffington Post calls it the OkCupid of bra shopping, and TechCrunch has lauded the company’s complex bra-fitting algorithm.

From her experience, Hashay has learned that even though the tech industrial is predominantly male, women can make a dent through patience and persistence.

“There will always be people who will doubt you and your abilities, but it’s up to you to prove them wrong,” Hashay said. “Put in the hard work, the results will come. Always stand up for who you are, and when you can, stress less.”

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Meet the Ultra-Orthodox Woman Whose Start Up Sells Bras Online

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