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‘Goddess’ Ivanka Trump Is Big In China

BEIJING (Reuters) - He may be a divisive figure back home, but President Trump will be landing in friendly territory when he arrives in Beijing on Wednesday, judging by Chinese social media.

On platforms such as the Twitter-like Sina Weibo, Trump’s Chinese supporters, who admire his business success and a free-wheeling style unconstrained by political correctness, are far more prominent than detractors.

“Chinese people are impressed that he is extremely rich, he loves things splendid and magnificent, and he loves to show off. Not every billionaire is like that,” said Yin Hao, who translates American news and comedy clips for his nearly one million followers on Weibo.

In a country where parents are traditionally judged by the success of their children, Trump scores extra points for his daughter Ivanka, a businesswoman and currently advisor to President Trump, and her Mandarin-speaking children.

One Chinese state publication said that all five of Trump’s children are a testament to his character.

”You can tell what parents are like through their childrens’ success. Trump’s five children are all excellent, it means he is a very successful father,” the China Education Daily said on its social media account.

Ivanka Trump is sometimes referred to as “goddess” on Chinese social media, where some were upset that the first daughter would not be accompanying her father to Beijing.

“SAD! Ivanka is not coming to China,” said Jiang Xiaofeng, a journalist with Phoenix TV on Sina Weibo, appropriating one of Donald Trump’s favorite Twitter exclamations.

This story "China Loves Ivanka Trump Amid Presidential Visit" was written by Reuters.

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‘Goddess’ Ivanka Trump Is Big In China

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