Michael Cohen Reportedly Saves Elderly Man In Swanky Restaurant by the Forward

Michael Cohen Reportedly Saves Elderly Man In Swanky Restaurant

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Satan or savior?

Some hailed Michael Cohenan American hero after he flipped on turbulent President Trump earlier this year, and some saw him as a nogoodnik turncoat.

Either way, you have to salute his quick thinking in reportedly saving an elderly man in an NYC restaurant this week. Once again, the news is much, much stranger than fiction.

Cohen, who frequents ritzy eateries on the Upper East Side, rushed to the aid of an elderly man in Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s restaurant JoJo, after he appeared to slip and tumble while walking by Cohen’s table. An eyewitness reported that the man, who clutched a cane, seemed to have “lost his balance. The man was about to hit his head on the table when Michael caught him, and may have saved his life, hugged him and put him back on his feet.”

Cohen has been called all kinds of names: cutthroat, sleazy, and bad at planning bar mitzvah parties. It’s strange to watch him metamorphose into our country’s truth-seeking warrior and everyman hero. And yet, here we find ourselves.

The President’s former attorney and longtime confidante had been dining with his own lawyer David Schwartz at the time of the heartwarming incident. We’re sure both lawyers will be dining out (if you will) on this anecdote for some time, but for now their work still lies ahead — Cohen pleaded guilty to eight counts in federal court in August, turning on President Trump.

Sweet of him to take a break from saving himself to look out for someone else.

Tamar Skydell is an intern at The Forward. You can contact her at skydell@forward.com


Michael Cohen Reportedly Saves Elderly Man In Eatery

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Michael Cohen Reportedly Saves Elderly Man In Swanky Restaurant

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