Emily L. Hauser

Israeli Band Shmemel Urges Aliyah — to Berlin

Right after the war in Gaza, Israeli band Shmemel released a catchy song brimming with nationalistic references and encouraging immigration — to anywhere but Israel.

9 Years Later, Here We Go Again in Gaza

Israel’s unilateral withdrawal from Gaza in 2005 has only preserved Israeli power over Palestinians. Nine years later, Emily Hauser writes, we’re still making the same mistake.

ADL Needs To Drop Thane Rosenbaum Right Now

The Anti-Defamation League needs to drop Thane Rosenbaum from its short list to replace Abe Foxman — and fast, Emily L. Hauser writes.

May Gaza Victims' Memories Be a Blessing

When lives are lost, those left behind ensure that the names are not forgotten. Some Israelis are doing their best to make sure that applies to victims of the Gaza war too.

Where's Jewish Fury Over Tariq Abu Khdeir Beating?

Tariq Abu Khdeir posed no threat to the Israeli police officers who beat him up, Emily Hauser writes. So why has only one American Jewish organization condemned the assault?

Auschwitz Selfies? No Big Deal, IMHO

Jewish teenagers’ penchant for snapping selfies at concentration camps has provoked what seems like universal outrage. But Emily Hauser, for one, thinks the trend is no big deal.

Why Does U.N. Love Israeli Caves? 'Jesus Christ Superstar'!

Israel’s Beit Guvrin caves may be a spelunker’s dream, but that’s not why the U.N. registered them as a World Heritage site. The real reason? ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’!

Would Israelis Be Kidnapped If Not For Settlements?

The average Israeli doesn’t understand that every problem raised by the settlements — including the recent kidnapping — is a necessary outcome of their existence, writes Emily Hauser.

Israel Loves Gay Cash — Just Not Gay Marriage

While Tel Aviv gleefully rakes in the cash of gay tourists, Jerusalem is busy quashing a marriage equality bill. Is Israel really the gay Mecca it claims to be?

How Many Gay Haredim Are Married to Women?

Gay Haredim who choose to marry women pay a ‘major mental price,’ a new report says. What goes unsaid is the suffering these men’s decision inflicts on their wives.