Harold Heft

Daughter of Fortune: Jana Herzen?s parents founded a science lab at Stanford University.

For Jana Herzen, Jazzy Creativity Is in Jewish Bloodline

Jana Herzen’s parents founded the Herzenberg Lab at Stanford and won the Kyoto Prize. The musician and jazz label impresario seems to have inherited their ingenuity.

Darling Nikki: Nikki Yanofsky, who grew up in Montreal?s Jewish community, is one of Quincy Jones?s protégés.

Keep Your Eye on Nikki Yanofsky in 2014

At age 12, she performed before a crowd of 125,000. At 14, she caught the attention of Quincy Jones. Now 19, she has a new album. Harold Heft tries to catch up to Nikki Yanofsky.

Honoring the Memory of Warren Zevon, Rock's Raucous 'Werewolf' of Fresno

A decade after the death of Warren Zevon, his famous pals look back at the son of a Jewish mobster who became one of rock’s most raucous cult heroes.

Werewolf of Fresno: Warren Zevon, pictured here in 1976, was the son of a Jewish mobster and studied with Igor Stravinsky.

The Top 10 Songs of Warren Zevon

From songs of youthful rebellion to introspective masterpieces, Warren Zevon’s music continued to evolve until his untimely death. Here are the ten essential cuts.

A Marquis Athlete: Jason Marquis, a pitcher for the San Diego Padres, won eight straight games earlier this year.

The Second Coming of Jewish Baseball Star Jason Marquis

Pitcher Jason Marquis is having a terrific year, but he’s no Sandy Koufax. Marquis comes from a different league of Jewish ballplayer.

Elementary, My Dear Carvalho: The Jewish investigator contributed to the ultimate exoneration of Franco-Jewish military officer Alfred Dreyfus.

Meet David Nunes Carvalho, the Jewish Investigator Who Rivaled Sherlock Holmes

David Nunes Carvalho, a prominent American Jew, used ink and handwriting to solve the thorniest mysteries of his day. He even helped exonerate Alfred Dreyfus.

'Strange' Evolution of Legendary Song

The poem that led to Billie Holiday’s ‘Strange Fruit’ was written 75 years ago. The song was named best of the century, but composer Abel Meeropol is largely forgotten.

Innovative Photographer: Solomon Carvalho had a reputation as a daguerreotype innovator, having developed a method of glazing and preserving daguerreotype surfaces

A South Carolinian Among the Mormons

South Carolina Jew Solomon Carvalho was the first-ever expedition photographer, traveling to Utah with explorer (and later presidential candidate) John Charles Fremont.