Jillian Steinhauer

Text Messages: Carole Kunstadt?s ?Five Books of Moses? is one of the artworks on display at the Museum of Biblical Art in Manhattan.

Treating Sacred Texts as Art Objects at Museum of Biblical Art

What happens when an artist takes an ancient Jewish text and turns it into contemporary art? A dozen did their best to turn the sacred into the starkly compelling.

Not So Forbidden Fruit: Daniel Gordon?s ?Pink Ladies and Pears? is on display at Untitled as part of the ?Jew York? exhibition.

Galleries Offer a Jew's Who of the Contemporary Art World

If there’s one lesson to be drawn from the ‘Jew York’ exhibition of nearly 90 artists, it may be that humor is crucial to Jewish identity. But perhaps there’s no lesson at all.

Object Lessons: Hunter College?s Artist?s Institute is currently hosting an exhibition of Haim Steinbach?s work.

These Objects Are Closer Than They Appear

Haim Steinbach watched many of his peers experience phenomenal success. At 68, the artist whom some have dubbed the heir to Marcel Duchamp is enjoying a renaissance.

Sines and Wonders: Sigalit Landau?s video ?Dancing for Maya? explores creation and erosion.

Exhibit Focuses On Middle Eastern Women Artists

A sweeping new exhibit of works by Middle Eastern women includes plenty of powerful art. But sometimes the show fails to make connections between diverse works.

Art of Ruth Abrams Deserves Second Look

In the midcentury art world, women were often forgotten, especially if their paintings were neither oversized nor entirely abstract. This is what happened to Ruth Abrams.

Kehinde Wiley Paints Israelis in Color

Kehinde Wiley’s paintings of young, urban, black men in the poses, and sometimes trappings, of famous European history paintings boldly challenge the art canon.

Harvey Pekar's Ode to Cleveland

Author Harvey Pekar died leaving a string of projects in various states of completion. ‘Cleveland’ combines autobiographical storytelling with the history of his hometown.

Leah Kohlenberg, ?Fallen Roses?
Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin