Josh Richman

After the Liberation: Between 600 to 900 boys were saved and secreted away by Buchenwald’s underground resistance.

The Boys of Buchenwald

Several hundred Jewish boys were miraculously rescued inside the Buchenwald concentration camp. A new photo exhibit tells their stories.

High School Unmusical: A Comic Book Artist Draws Adolescence in All Its Awkward Splendor

Ariel Schrag, 28, is almost done with high school. Actually, she graduated from Berkeley High School in California a decade ago, and since then she has earned an English literature degree from Columbia University, authored or edited several books, and spent two years as a staff writer and story editor on Showtime’s hit series “The L Word.” One of her books is being made into a movie, and she’s accomplished enough — her art having appeared in regional and national publications as well as in museums and galleries across the United States, Canada and Europe — to be teaching master classes.

Jewish Insider Tapped To Be Golden State’s Most Powerful Democrat

Long before Darrell Steinberg was tapped to become California’s most powerful Democrat, the labor lawyer-turned-legislator developed his political acumen in the Jewish communal world.

Channeling Lennon: Gerry Tenney performs hits from the 1960s and '70s.

Beatle Mania

Folk singer Gerry Tenney breaks into song midway through an interview: “Ze ikh a royte tir ikh vill es farbn schvartz….”

Final Frontier Calls to Nimoy

The new “Star Trek” film’s trailer shows a vast shipyard where the U.S.S. Enterprise is under construction, as a voice intones that famous phrase, “Space, the final frontier….”

Chairman: Tom Lantos will step down from his powerful roles in Congress.

House Leaders Vow Tough Stance on Iran

In the wake of Rep. Tom Lantos’s announcement last week that he will retire from Congress later this year, both potential successors to his chairmanship of the powerful House Foreign Affairs Committee are promising no significant shift in policy toward Israel and Iran.

AT WORSHIP: The JCC's months-long program, Salaam/Shalom: Where Judiasm and Islam converge, includes an exhibit of works by Israeli photographer Harel Stanton

At JCC, Common Ground for Muslims and Jews

Muslim-Jewish understanding can come only through knowledge and respect, the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco believes — and maybe through some old-fashioned head-to-head debate.

Alan Kaufman says a gallery canceled his contract because his art has Zionist themes

Bay Area Artists Fight Over Framing of Mideast Conflict

Over the past few months, the City by the Bay has become the city in the fray. Driven by three separate incidents, a communitywide debate has emerged over the Middle East conflict — and, specifically, how it is expressed artistically, in both public and private spaces.

Cycling for a Cause

In 2002, two years after his mother succumbed to multiple sclerosis at age 60, attorney Dan Siegel was diagnosed with the chronic, debilitating disease, too.

Star-Crossed Bay Area Synagogue Prays For a New Year Better Than the Last

Rabbi Chai Levy is considering a High Holy Days sermon on perseverance in the face of great adversity — and given her synagogue’s recent history, she certainly has enough anecdotal material. While Congregation Kol Shofar hasn’t quite achieved Job-like levels of trouble, the past few years have proved staggeringly unlucky for the synagogue, the only Conservative house of worship in Marin County.