Marion Lignana Rosenberg

Verdi in Terezín

The bicentennial of Giuseppe Verdi’s birth is coming soon. A new film, ‘Defiant Requiem,’ tells the story of a World War II prisoner who taught one of his inspiring works.

Arts & Letters; Worth Thousands of Words

This fall has brought a sumptuous bounty for lovers of photography and Jewish culture. Several blockbuster exhibitions are on view, including “The Jewish Journey: Frédéric Brenner’s Photographic Odyssey” (at the Brooklyn Museum of Art); “As Seen By…,” images from Life magazine by distinguished American

Putting the Pieces of the Puzzle Together

A few minutes shy of 8 o’clock on a sticky August morning, a stylish restaurant in midtown Manhattan barely hummed, its normally alert staff still blinking back sleep. Suddenly the door swung open, blown back, it seemed, by some freakish wintry gale. But no mere force of nature disrupted the early-morning calm. It was French photographer