Nigel Savage

Chasm: A huge gulf divides American Jews when it comes to Israel — but it is a system of a bigger disease.

Bridging Divide Between Universal and Parochial Jews

There are two kinds of Jews, those who see the world from a parochial perspective and those with a universalist view. Nigel Savage says they need to come closer together.

Reaching Out: Convincing others of the beauty of the Jewish tradition might also have an effect on Jews themselves.

Time for Jewish Evangelizing

It’s time for us to make the case for Jewish tradition in public space, writes Nigel Savage. We shouldn’t be afraid to be seen as evangelizers.

Pedal Power: Cyclists take part in Hazon?s New York Jewish Environmental Bike Ride in 2009.

Beyond Bal Tashchit

As we make plans to celebrate Earth Day 2011, we worry about radiation from a crippled nuclear plant in Japan. We face air pollution, species extinction, climate change. Major fish stocks are down 90%. And, more parochially, the Jewish community faces extraordinary stress and uncertainty. The federation system and many of our synagogues have lost members, revenues and staff. The issue of Israel in American Jewish life has become more complex than ever. Our day schools confront a deeply challenging business model.