Rachel Rosmarin

Life Goes On: Holocaust survivors Barbara Kenig Drotow (left) and Stella Esformes dance at a Purim party hosted by Café Europa early this year at Valley Beth Shalom in Encino, Calif.

Life After the Holocaust, at 90 and Beyond

If the final task of a long life is to reflect on the past and conclude that the years were well lived, then elderly Holocaust survivors face a painful challenge.

Even Frum Girls Get GIFs

Social media memes are tearing up the Internet across lines of gender, race or class. They’ll even find their way to the Orthodox.

Rachel Rosmarin?s grandparents in Chelyabinsk, 1946

Meteor Town Saved My Grandparents

Chelyabinsk is known to the world as the place where a meteor struck. The Russian town also harbored Jews fleeing the Holocaust, including Rachel Rosmarin’s grandparents.

Yenta's Dirty Roots

Most of us know ‘yenta’ to mean a gossipy person, usually an older woman. But the Yiddish dictionary has a slightly more off-color definition.

Temple Beth Israel of Highland Park and Eagle Rock, California.

31, Jewish and Nowhere To Go

We all know that the number of twenty- and thirty-something Jews who are actively involved in synagogues is dwindling. But does it have to?

8 Jewish Ladies of Instagram

Instagram isn’t just for teenagers. Celebs and cultural icons are snapping pics and sharing ‘em. Here’s eight Jewish women to watch on the photo-sharing app.