Raphael Mostel

'Requiem for the 20th Century' at Carnegie Hall

György Ligeti was one of the greatest composers of the past century, and ‘Requiem’ was one of his most important works. Now the piece is getting its long-overdue New York premiere at Carnegie Hall.

Clive Gillinson

7 Best Classical Concerts of 2013

New York was chock full of impressive performances in 2013, but seven of them with Jewish content stood out, including one that technically never happened.

The Big Schnoz Returns to the Met

James Levine is not the only major return at the Metropolitan Opera this week. The acclaimed production of Gogol’s ‘The Nose’ also starts a cameo run.

Banned Musical Remains Relevant as Ever

Marc Blitztein’s ‘The Cradle Will Rock’ is often considered a curio of the Depression. But a recent revival showed the once-banned musical to be as powerful as ever.

Beate Sirota Gordon Dies at 89

Beate Sirota Gordon, who enshrined equal rights for women in Japan’s post-World War II constitution and championed Asian arts programs, died at 89.

Arnold Schoenberg's 'Pierrot Lunaire' Marks Century

Say ‘Pierrot,’ and any musician will instantly know you’re talking about Arnold Schoenberg’s Opus 21. Even after 100 years, it retains both its impact and its strangeness.

?Rhino?s Back: Eugene Ionesco?s absurdist classic is back. Apparently, few wanted to produce it after Zero Mostel?s performance a half-century ago.

Zero Mostel's Long Shadow on 'Rhino'

One reason Eugene Ionesco’s classic play ‘Rhino’ is so rarely shown is because of Zero Mostel’s sensation-causing performance a half-century ago.