Sarah Erdreich

?Snake Pit?: The writer?s uncle was housed for decades at the Willowbrook State School for the disabled in Staten Island, which was famously described as a ?snake pit? by Senator Robert F. Kennedy because of its poor conditions.

Searching for Uncle a Family Lost to Willowbrook

Sarah Erdreich’s family never talked about a mentally ill child who was sent away to the infamous Willowbrook facility. She vowed to make him part of the family again.

Alabama Synagogue Survives Long Decline for Jews in Deep South

The Jewish community in Selma, Ala., has seen a steady decline, mirroring a general downturn across the Deep South. One family returned to see how the local temple is holding up.

Writer Sarah Erdreich?s great-uncle?s 85th birthday party.
Sarah Erdreich says soap operas are often ahead of primetime shows in exploring controversial issues.

The Jewish Mother of Soap Operas

Many of us grew up hooked on soap operas. How many of us knew we were also watching a genre whose very existence could be credited to a Jewish woman?

Searching For a Shul of My Own

Finding a synagogue that’s the right fit can be emotionally challenging. But Sarah Erdeich is comforted that it doesn’t take a congregation to celebrate being Jewish.

Protesters fought against closing the only abortion clinic in Mississippi.