Sharon Pomerantz

Yoo Hoo, Mrs. Goldberg: The famed ?Molly Goldberg Cookbook? is one of the volumes on display at the University of Michigan.

The Joy of Jewish Cookbooks

Cookbooks offer more than just recipes. A new exhibit at the University of Michigan shows the evolution and development of Jewish cuisine — and community.

Lena In: Lena Dunham?s ?Girls? seem to lead lives filled with humiliation. Is this all they?ve learned from the generation represented by television?s ?Good Wife??

What 'Girls' Could Learn From the 'Good Wife's' Wife

Both ‘Girls’ and ‘The Good Wife’ have Jewish women as stars and creators. There’s a lot we can learn from the cross-generational chatter between the two shows.

Exit Ghost: With Roth passing from the scene, who will take his place?

Requiem for the American Jewish Novel?

With Philip Roth now in retirement, what are the real problems that ail the future of American Jewish fiction?

Family History Seen Through Tenement Rooms

The Lower East Side of Manhattan was once the most crowded neighborhood on earth. Its history is meticulously chronicled by Katharine Greider in her wonderful family memoir.