Stacey Menchel Kussell

Arkadi Zaides Digs Deeper Into Dance

Choreographer Arkadi Zaides was born in Belarus and moved to Israel at age 11. His feelings of displacement find expression in his latest work, ‘Response to Dig Deep.’

Two Choreographers Interpret the Shoah

Choreographing a piece about the Holocaust is always controversial. But two dance companies are taking on the challenge.

Dance, Music, Sex, Romance: ?Political Mother? combines multiple art forms.

Hofesh Shechter Uses Dance To Unite People

Israeli-born choreographer Hofesh Shechter’s newest politically-charged production is genre-bending. It transports the audience to a dark, nightmarish dreamscape.

Break Dancing Across the Green Line

Philadelphia’s famed hip-hop dance company Rennie Harris Puremovement brought its innovative style, and universal themes, to Israel and the West Bank.

An ‘Oyster’ in Ohio

Inbal Pinto and Avshalom Pollak have worked together since 1992, producing a diverse repertory. ‘Oyster’ is their most famous creation, and it’s back in the U.S.

'Minus 16' Is Plus for Ailey

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater is performing Ohad Naharin’s ‘Minus 16.’ Ailey’s director says the Israeli piece is edgier that most of the group’s work.