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Israel's School Lunches May Get a MObama-Style Makeover

Image: Thinkstock

One of the signatures of modern Israeli cuisine is fresh, flavorful food made with fruits and vegetables that grow almost year round in the country’s temperate Mediterranean climate. So, it might be a bit surprising to learn that Israeli kids are eating school lunches that are as lacking in freshness and good nutrition as some of the worst American school lunches.

Enough With the First Lady Bake-Offs

Image: Getty Images

Did you hear that Michelle Obama won the presidential candidate’s spouse cookie-baking competition (sponsored by Family Circle)? Whether this news was or wasn’t on your radar, the cookie-baking competition was held yet again this election cycle. Indeed, despite some predictions that not using oats in her cookie would lose her the coveted prize, Obama emerged victorious with black-and-white chocolate cookies, defeating Ann Romney’s M+M cookies, avenging her loss to Cindy McCain’s oatmeal butterscotch variety in the last round.

Mixing Bowl: Bittman on the 'Unhealthy Tax'; Pickles and MObama's Solution to Food Deserts

Image: iStock

As you know, we at JCarrot love pickles (try our quick summer pickle recipes here). Serious Eats shares some creative ways to use leftover pickle juice. They also conduct a jarred pickle taste test. See which pickle is the winner.

MyPlate and the Seder Plate — Guiding Our Food Choices

Image: USDA

Since the earliest days of colonial America, our government has been involved in guiding consumer food choices. Through graphics, public service announcements, and food labeling, the government has been in the business of helping us decide what and how much to eat. Last Thursday, the USDA and First Lady Michelle Obama continued this tradition by unveiling MyPlate.

Mixing Bowl: Passover Edition Part 2, Plus the World's Best Restaurants and Post-Passover Falafel Ideas

What happens after Farm-to-Table? Bloomberg Businessweek reports on municipal-wide composting, writing “Farm to table is good. Farm to table back to farm is even better.”

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