No, ‘Transparent’ Was Not Actually Shot In Israel

The ruse is over, ladies and gentlemen. The fourth season of “Transparent,” which famously took place in Israel, was not actually shot in Israel.

Vulture reports that every single scene was instead the result of an art director getting creative in California.

Here is a comprehensive list, according to Vulture, of every single place in California that was turned into Israel for just a day.

1.A Santa Clarita ranch was the goat farm in Ramallah.

2.An L.A. beach house was Moshe’s seaside home in Caesarea.

3.A Compton cemetery was the “street of sorrow.”

4.A Paramount Studios parking lot was the Wailing Wall

5.A Southern California sand quarry was the desert.

6.A movie studio water tank was the Dead Sea.

You can read Vulture’s full article for more information about just how the crew managed to turn the streets of California into the streets of Israel but be warned — there are spoiler alerts ahead if you should choose to click.

Becky Scott is the editor of The Schmooze. Follow her on Twitter, @arr_scott

Israel Scenes In ‘Transparent’ Were Shot In California

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No, ‘Transparent’ Was Not Actually Shot In Israel

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