Gavriel D. Rosenfeld

The Name Game: Heath Campbell made headlines for trying to name his child Adolf Hitler.

Will the Real Adolf Hitler Please Stand Up?

What would life be like if your name were Hitler? A new documentary explores the delicate balance between unjust victimization and historical amnesia.

What If World War I Had Never Happened?

What if World War I could have been avoided? Would the world have actually been better off? One author isn’t so sure.

Kabbalistic Meaning: In Frank Gehry?s Guggenheim Bilbao, Alexander Gorlin sees references to petals and birds? nests referenced in the Zohar.

A Kabbalah for Architects?

Daniel Libeskind. Louis Kahn. Frank Gehry. Their buildings are familiar, but what isn’t as well known is how Jewish mystical concepts might have influenced them.

Onward English Soldiers: London onlookers gather in 1916 to study a poster urging Jewish involvement in World War I

Two World Wars Face Major Milestones in 2014

As we enter 2014, major anniversaries of the 20th century’s two greatest conflicts will offer myriad opportunities for historical reflection. Gav Rosenfeld explains.

Fear and Self-Loathing in L.A.: According to Ben Urwand?s book ?The Collaboration,? studio head Louis B, Mayer was ambivalent about the relationship between Hollywood and the Nazis.

Hitler's Willing Hollywood Collaborators

Ben Urwand’s new book about how Jewish-run film studios colluded with the Nazis has sparked intense debate. Gavriel Rosenfeld offers a guide to the real story behind the hype.

Atomic Man: Ginsberg argues that scientists like Albert Einstein should be considered part of a Jewish war effort.

Did Jews Win the Second World War?

Historian Benjamin Ginsberg discovers that Jews did more than resist the Holocaust. In his new book, he writes they effectively helped bring about the Nazis’ defeat.

How We Got Hitler-ized

Adolf Hitler seems to be everywhere these days: Hitler tea pots, cats that look like the Fuhrer, even a disco Hitler. But why now — and what does it say about us?

The Reich Stuff: Guy Saville?s speculative novel offers readers an abundance of espionage and double-dealing.

Author Guy Saville Imagines 'Afrika Reich' Where the Nazis Won

What would the world have looked like if the Nazis had won World War II? In ‘The Afrika Reich,’ Guy Saville imagines the continent under German rule.

Ironies Behind A Stunning Synagogue

There’s one giant question about Frank Lloyd Wright’s decision to design Beth Sholom near Philadelphia: Why did it take the famed architect so long to build a synagogue?

Black Box: The Museo Nazionale della Shoah is inscribed with names of victims.

From Mussolini’s Estate to Shoah Memorial

In August, the city of Rome is expected to give its final approval to plans for Italy’s new Holocaust museum, the Museo Nazionale della Shoah. Designed by Rome-based architect Luca Zevi, son of famed architecture critic Bruno Zevi, together with co-designer Giorgio Tamburini, the museum will be built on the historically resonant site of the Villa Torlonia, a neoclassical estate that once served as the home of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. Renderings of the museum were released to the public in the spring. Zevi discussed the museum plans and Jewish architecture by e-mail with the Forward.