Jenny Hendrix

Life During Wartime

Shani Boianjiu’s new novel is a coming of age set in the Israeli Defense Forces. It’s about a world that’s been so strange for so long, no one thinks it’s strange anymore.

Murder Most Lovely

The tabloid photographer Weegee chronicled tenements and stoops, places where one could glance up from the comics and watch a body hit the ground.

Raising a Glass to America

A new book examines the role Jewish immigrants played in opposing Prohibition. Does it say more about Jews or about the broader American culture?

'Prohibition' Tells Changing Story of Jews in America

The groundbreaking PBS series ‘Prohibition’ depicts Jews as being caught in the crosshairs of a cultural movement that redefined their identity as new Americans.

?Braiding Hair? by Dena Schutzer
Danny Aiello tells Alma Cuervo he can?t fix her shoes in ?The Shoemaker.?
On a Quest: Kristin Scott Thomas plays a journalist trying to find out more about the 1942 Vel? D?Hiv Roundup.

Too Much Of a Good Thing

It is peculiar, in a film based on the tendency of people to act wrongfully, for all the characters to do exactly what is right.