Matthew Rovner

What's Behind Israel's Zombie Outbreak?

This year, Israel unleashes two of its first zombie films. Is there some meaning behind this outbreak, other than the worldwide popularity of the genre?

Konrad Wolf, enjoying a cigarette.
Roy Horovitz as Yotam in ?My First Sony.?
Norma Shearer, the leading actress in ?Escape.?
Boy Wonder: Irving Thalberg and his wife, film star Norma Shearer.

Natural-Born Storyteller

‘Irving was a natural-born storyteller. He had a flair for telling movie stories, and he knew about the medium — more than most writers knew.” Quite a compliment, from no less than Ben Hecht, one of Hollywood and Broadway’s greatest writers. What makes Hecht’s praise unusual is that he said it not of a fellow scribbler, but of a Hollywood studio executive.

A Plot Against America: A Jewish Writer’s Forgotten ‘Future History’ Of a Nazi Takeover

Arch Oboler’s “This Precious Freedom” (1942) is the first film ever made about a Nazi takeover of the United States. It was suppressed by its producer, an automaking company better known today for financial than moral bankruptcy: General Motors Corp.